Super Bowl Prop Bets

The NFL Super Bowl 52 translates to prop bets for many people. Besides the usual betting on teams and the score of the teams, there is another interesting and fun form of betting going on during the game. This form of betting is called prop betting and covers a variety of aspects beyond just the main games at Super Bowl 52.

Prop bets are also carried out for other events but none can compare to Super Bowl 52 prop betting. Prop bets, or propositional bets, include things that are a bit obscure. While others just choose to bet on winners or follow the odds movement, prop bets gets creative and is quite popular for this reason.

The wagers cover a wide range of topics ranging from how long the national anthem will be to the first point scorer of the game to the name of the Super Bowl 52 MVP. This betting goes on for a period of four hours

Some of the prop bets can get quite uncanny and out of the box. They include the length of time that singer Kelly Clarkson shall take to complete the national anthem to the possibility of her forgetting a word to that of her exposing her belly while singing. Another common bet is on the color of the Gatorade dumped on to the coach of the winning team. These things are quite good to bet on but you need to be familiar with the Super Bowl 52 games else you could end up at a loss.

At the Superb Super Bowl parties, people are seen with more prop bets tickets than with tickets on this game. There are people who bet on each and every prop each year. There is quite a huge number of prop bets available, which means that the sum would amount to quite a bit. Superbowl is the game with the largest number of wagers in America. While a lot of money is totally bet on the game, over half of this amount accounts for prop bets alone.

For Superbowl fans, prop bets add excitement to the game, which could turn out lopsided at times. The initial set of prop bets offered was only comprised of 20- 30 bets covering topics related to the main game. The audience got quite bored with these bets then. The aspect of prop bets was then dramatically increased to include much more obscure bets.

Today, you can place bets on almost anything for NFL Super Bowl 52. There are many ways to use your money besides just betting on the game.