Belmont Stakes

It is almost time to end the Triple Crown run and the horses are preparing to face-off for the Belmont Stakes race. The Belmont Stakes will take place in Elmont, New York and constantly provide watchers with an amazing ending.

The Belmont Stakes is the last of three races in the Triple Crown and we may in fact see history in New York. No horse has won the Triple Crown since 1978, but this year we could see one take home all three races.

The race demands full focus from the jockey and horse, and the 1.5 mile race will require total dedication from the start to the beginning.

This race is .25 miles longer than the Kentucky Derby so will it will be even tougher for a horse to win the Belmont Stakes. In last year’s race, First Dude was ahead for quite some time, but its luck quickly came to an end.

It looked like First Dude was going to win the race; however, Drosselmeyer found a way to take home the race. In the final seconds of the Belmont Stakes, Drosselmeyer pulled off the shocking victory and won in New York.

This year’s field for the Belmont Stakes can hopefully give those watching an even more exciting finish. In the pack are some marquee names who some say have a good chance of wining the Stakes.

Horse which is getting a lot of media attention, Brethren have already won races and is fully capable of wining the Stakes and has already taken home the Sam F. Davis Stakes at Tampa Bay Downs.

Once again this year’s Belmont Stakes should be exciting and will provide everyone with some fun times.