PGA Tour

Welcome to the golf section of instant sports betting website. The sport of golf may not be recognizable as one of the most prominent sports around the globe. However, it does have a world-wide appeal that few other sports, such as ice hockey and American football, can compete with.

Golf has many well-known stars, and a long-standing history, rich in drama, excitement and superb play.

This sport has become increasingly popular over the past 20 years as a fun and laid-back pastime for people of all skill levels.

When searching online gambling choices, you will undoubtedly discover a wide array of sports to wager on, and golf is usually an option as well. Furthermore, the sport of golf is rapidly evolving into one of the mostly highly wagered on sports, during their yearly PGA Tour season.

Even though his recent transgressions have thrown his name into a new light, most of the sports success can be attributed to Tiger Woods. He single-handedly turned a sport, which is not usually considered riveting television, into a must-see event week in and week out. Viewers throughout the world have been tuning in by million since Tiger Woods joined the PGA Tour in 1996.

As the viewership of this sport has grown, so has the number of online bookmakers offering wagering options for its events. A few of the wagering sites in the United Stated offering wagering on golf are BetOnline and MyBookie. Golf is also available for wagering through online bookmakers in countries such as Canada (Bovada, TopBet) and the United Kingdom (SBG Global). With this many bookmakers at the disposal of bettors, wagering on golf has never been easier or more popular.

Bookmakers offer numerous betting options to those looking to place a wager on this sport. Due to golf’s format, there are many wagering options available that you would never encounter with other sports. Most of the betting options are fairly simply to understand. However, you do want to make sure you completely understand what you are wagering on before you get started. Here are a few brief explanations to get you started:

Win Odds
The basic wagers offered by online bookmakers for this sport are win odds. This would be comparable to the money line wagers offered in other sports. Golf is unlike team sports, where you are wagering on a standard one-on-one contest. By betting the win odds in golf, you are selecting a single player to win that particular tournament. Most tournaments feature far too many players for online bookmakers to offer odds on every single player. In this instance, each player not given specific odds to win would be listed as a “field” bet. By placing a bet on the field, you are wagering on each player without assigned odds, as a group.

Match-up Betting
Online bookmakers have recognized that many bettors prefer to place their money on a more one-on-one-scenario. This has become a prominent type of wager on golf, and is largely different from any other type of golf wager. Many bookmakers also offer group match-up wagering, but this is significantly less popular than individual match-up betting.

A match-up wager is an online bookmaker’s way of offering the bettor a direct head-to-head match-up. The wager pits two players against each other, and the bettor must choose the player they think will finish closer to the top of the leader board. Neither player has to win the tournament, and they may finish last and next to last. It is merely a matter of which player has a better shower between just themselves.

Future wagers have gained popularity in every sport, and golf is no different. When a major golfing event is approaching, the online bookmaker will offer future bets on these events. This allows bettors to have action on an event well ahead of time.

Though it widely believed that golf is a sport that categorically belongs to the upper and higher-class viewers as well as players, popularity of golf as an overall sport has indeed increased drastically over the past two decades.

Knowing this, Instant Sports Betting site and SBGglobal sportsbook have come together to offer the best game matchup site. Now for the coming US PGA tour you can guess who will win the money-line lists of the PGA’s Golf.

Using this site, you can check out the betting odds on Golf. The winner of the FedEx Cup has to accumulate the maximum points for the PGA tour events, which includes tournaments held in Europe and North America with the major grand slam events, British Open, US Open, The Masters, and the PGA Championship.

Golf is a sport that is represented and watched by the people of Elite class and hence is famous for traditionally having typical classy watchers overall. It should be noticed that due to the increasing response of the four majors or the grand slams in the calendar year, Golf is now starting to establish itself as a sport of commoners, as well.

2017 PGA Tour Golf Futures Betting Odds

Courtesy to the dramatically occurred and also fruitful revolution in the viewer ship as well as popularity of the sport in last 20 years, this particular sport have reached almost every household. US Open Golf Championship is an example of this claim and is believed to be followed widely in all parts of the world. Since tracking, this particular sport has become easier and simpler task fan following along with the betting profession have registered significant boosts.

The overall amount of golfers, both domestic and professional is on the enormous rise and so is the popularity of the Golf Betting practices. US Open Golf Championship is the tournament where Golf betting is considered to be at its peak.

BetOnline sports betting site offers you are exactly the minute and trustworthy details of this betting scenario with the complete odds that will ultimately help you to earn handsome returns on your investment by actually doing nothing? Until the last few years in the recent period, it was believed that the betting practices are possible, in fact, were observed only during the major tournaments, which are also called as grand slams.

We take pride in the fact that we have contributed in the best possible manner, to change this scenario. We also encourage and subsequently help investors to invest in other big tournaments as well where though the power of a major may lack, but wide reach of viewers and handsome returns are available. Talking about this US Open Golf Championship, we would like to assure you that considering the vast and close competition this year in the tournament, there are plenty of chances of the upset and hence to bet at US Open Golf Championship would be certainly a fun experience.

While we have a look at some established names that are widely considered as the title contenders, 14 times Major Winner and one of all time greats, Tiger Woods, the defending Champion, and world Number 3 Rory Mcllory, evergreen Lee Westwood, Bubba Watson, and Web Simpson are the names in the list.

Apart from these big names, you can also take a chance and go for a dark horse contender who will surely earn you whopping sum of returns. What we believe is that you can trust us for the latest and credible odds in the live betting so that you can make up your mind, take a call, and have a go at your pick!