NFL NFC Conference Odds

As the dog days of summer roll along our minds can wander at times to the upcoming football season. Although the NFL season seems like it’s far away right now before you know it, it will be early September and the season will be underway.

This is why we can never think too early about betting on the game we love either, in the form of futures bets. One of the more common futures bets is to bet on who will win the Super Bowl 52, who will win the NFC conference, who will win the AFC conference or which team will win it’s division.

Those odds came out recently and there are two pretty large favorites to meet in the Super Bowl from each conference. Let’s take a look at those teams and what they bring to the table.


Arizona Cardinals To Win NFC +2000
Atlanta Falcons To Win NFC +1100
Carolina Panthers To Win NFC +2000
Chicago Bears To Win NFC +1200
Dallas Cowboys To Win NFC +1200
Detroit Lions To Win NFC +1000
Green Bay Packers To Win NFC +250
Minnesota Vikings To Win NFC +5000
New Orleans Saints To Win NFC +650
New York Giants To Win NFC +900
Philadelphia Eagles To Win NFC +400
San Francisco 49ers To Win NFC +400
Seattle Seahawks To Win NFC +2000
Saint Louis Rams To Win NFC +3500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers To Win NFC +5000
Washington Redskins To Win NFC +2850