eCheck Deposits

Echecks have become a rage among sports betting experts in recent times. A lot of punters have been using echecks for making fast and easy bets to an online sportsbook. However, online payments are still very risky, and it is important for you to fully understand everything about echecks before you make your bet payments using this highly popular method. First, let’s see what exactly an echeck is all about.

What are echecks?

Echecks are nothing but the electronic forms of an ordinary paper check. Thus, you can transfer funds into a sports betting website by writing an echeck in their name and sending it to them. The entire process of money transfer is quite similar to that of a paper check. You would have a tracking number similar to a paper check, to find out the status of the echeck. An echeck also takes some time to clear, allowing you to hold out the money on a bet, before the payment is transferred after a few days.

Why echecks?

Echecks give a lot of advantages to a sports betting fanatic. An echeck allows you to hold on to the payment for a few days in your account before it is transferred, earning you the interest without the hassles of any credit card debt. In addition, you are not liable to any Paypal fees for the transfer of money into the sports betting website. Sports betting websites can also be in advantage because of the fact that they are guaranteed payment without any risk of scam or fraud.

Echecks for sports betting

With so many benefits in hand, it is no wonder that echecks have become a popular option for punters across the world. However sports betting websites require their customers to put in a certain deposit before the bet so that they can issue instant echecks. Hence, if you are just starting with sports betting online, you would need to send them a deposit through wire transfer and once your account is verified, and your deposit is made, you would be able to make sports bets through echecks. While echecks are a totally secure method of transferring money, transferring the first deposits may not be so secure in some sports betting websites.

When you are looking for the right sports betting website, you need to make sure that you get the right benefits and enough deposit options while opening up a new account. Sports betting websites usually ask for some basic information when you are joining them, during which they would verify your bank account. Different sports betting websites will also give you bonuses on the deposits, and you need to find a sports betting website that gives you the right provisions that suit your needs.

For sports bettors all over the world, Instant Echeck is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to deposit money to an online sportsbook. However, many sports bettors from the United States refrain from using this service as not all sportsbooks offer an Instant Echeck Deposit facility.

Though the main reason behind this is still not known, experts from the industry state that this is mostly due to the high costs that are involved in the sportsbooks. The high fees have really been a discouraging factor for the US sports bettors.

However, it will be really unfair to stereotype all the online sportsbooks on the Internet as inefficient. There are some efficient ones who accept Instant Paycheck deposits.

Let us look at some of the sportsbooks where you can easily get an Instant Echeck deposit.


Bookmaker offer a wide variety of services including sports betting on sporting events,race book, online casino games, poker and bingo. In their race book, they offer betting odds on all major US based racing events with trifectas, exactas, daily doubles, superfectas, pick 3 and pick 4 betting opportunities.


This one is a solid sportsbook especially for people who are looking for ways to use the simplest deposit method. BetOnline has an instant Echeck method known as the InstantCheck. This makes them stand out among other sportsbooks. At BetOnline, the minimum instant Check you can deposit is $20 while the maximum instant Check you deposit can go up to $1500. If you wish to increase the limit, you can do so just by simply contacting their customer service center.

One of the most notable features of is it does not require you to pay any kind of fees to have an instant Echeck deposited in your account.

These were two of the efficient sportsbooks that provide instant Echeck Sports betting deposits for bettors. Some sportsbooks also allow the betters to make international deposits. When choosing a sportsbook, ensure that it is most suitable for you and you can access it even when you’re away. Also, see to it that the sportsbook you choose allows you to carry out international transaction.

Thus, if you are planning to have an instant Echeck sports betting deposits, you now know how to choose the most suitable sportsbook.