MLB Odds

Welcome to the MLB baseball section of instant sports betting website. Major League Baseball features 29 teams located in the United States and 1 team in Canada. The players hail from all over the world, but the game is most popular to bet on in the U.S. 2017 World Series odds are offered below for betting enthusiasts.

Below you will find the latest games and their odds. We have teamed up with Bovada sportsbook to offer you the best odds on each game.

One popular type of bet to place on a Major League Baseball game is a money line bet.

A money line bet involves both team having a + or – number determined by the odds makers. For instance the line may read Boston Red Sox -120 vs. New York Yankees+120. Based on this spread the Red Sox would be considered the favorite and the Yankees the underdog. For a basic understanding of how the money line works let’s take an easy example. In this case you would need to bet $120 on the Red Sox to win $100. On the other hand, if you decide to bet $100 on the Yankees and they win you would pocket $120. Money lines are a common way to pretty much bet any sport. People who prefer to bet this way find it easier or more advantageous to just pick a winner of a game rather than having to factor in spreads.

The second way to bet on baseball is in the form of a point spread. This is more commonly known as a spread in other sports. A sample line for this would be as follows:

Detroit Tigers -1 ½
Minnesota Twins

In this case if you bet on Detroit you win the bet if Detroit wins by more than the spread which is 1 ½ runs. If you bet on Minnesota you win the bet if Minnesota wins outright or loses by less than 1 ½ runs.

The third way to bet on baseball is a totals bet. For each game the oddsmakers set a number based on the total runs scored in a game. Let’s say the number for the New York Mets vs Atlanta Braves is set at 8. You can either bet for the total number of runs scored in the game by both teams combined to be over or under 8.

Above all, if you plan to gamble on sports make sure to do your research on the game you are looking to bet on. Placing uninformed bets can lead to you losing a lot of money. You will find the resources on this website that you need to make a more informed bet. The statistical trends and results of previous games are examples of a couple things you want to take into consideration before you gamble on sports.