Breeders Cup

The horse racing season is under way and it is time for all the dominant ones to start off in the right direction. One of the major races this season is the Breeders’ Cup.

For the horses with aspirations for the Breeder’s Cup World Championships, there are races which are part of the Breeder’s Cup Challenge that give winners an automatic sport in the corresponding championship race. The other horses will be draw from a pool of nominations from around the globe.

The Breeder’s Cup Classic at Churchill Downs was an exciting event and everyone is hoping to receive a repeat performance this time around.

Last time around, Zenyatta saw its undefeated run come to an end thanks to the amazing performance by Blame. The final race came down to the final seconds, as both horses were neck and neck for the final stretch. If we see another race like that one, everyone would be pleased to say the least.

The season has just gotten underway and this Championship can help the sport get off to a fast start. All of the horses are fighting for a spot in the Breeder’s Cup Championships, so expect to see some thrilling and competitive races.

This year’s event will take place at Churchill Downs; this will be the first time the Breeder’s Cup Championship will have its races at Churchill Downs in consecutive seasons.

People are already picking winners for the title, but the field is still wide open. The champion could be a veteran horse or it could be on who has just gotten to the scene. Whatever the case maybe, now is the best time to bet on the games.

There can be a lot of benefits by setting your picks now. There will be great times on and off the betting table, so make sure you don’t miss this year’s Breeder’s Cup Championships!